Gaming & Hospitality Research Center (GHRC)


The Gaming & Hospitality Research Center (GHRC) provides IT executives with a trusted source of data to evaluate current and future technologies, and assist in vital decision making, project execution, and project completion. This valuable online service provides members with exclusive access to unbiased IT vendor and product evaluations specific to the Gaming & Hospitality industry. Technology is one of the largest expenditures in Gaming and Hospitality, making access to reliable data critical to bottom-line performance.

All evaluations are conducted by Analysts from Info-Tech Research Group using 100% unbiased research methodologies. This is not more vendor marketing material that you need to wade through.

Membership to the GHRC also includes 3 months of complimentary access to Info-Tech Research Group’s full Core Membership. Complete key projects and build core IT processes. Your membership gives three of your IT executives access to actionable solutions with tactical tools, diagnostics programs and unlimited analyst guidance. Includes all core research covering Applications, Infrastructure and Strategy & Leadership.

Research Currently Available in the GHRC:

• Vendor Landscape: Casino Management Systems

• Vendor Landscape: CRM Suites for Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure

• Vendor Landscape: Business Intelligence for Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure

• Vendor Landscape: Property Management Systems

• Vendor Landscape: Revenue Management Systems

• Vendor Landscape: Point of Sale Solutions

• Vendor Landscape: Retail Point of Sale Solutions

• Vendor Landscape: Mobile Gaming Platforms

• Vendor Landscape: iGaming Platforms

• Blueprint: Build or Refresh the WLAN

• Blueprint: Develop an iGaming Strategy

Upcoming GHRC Agenda:

• Blueprint: PCI Compliance/EMV Chip Readiness

• Blueprint: Implementing/Upgrading a Server Based/Ethernet Floor

• Blueprint: Selecting & Implementing/Upgrading a CMS

• Vendor Landscape: BYOC/IPTV/VOD Systems

• Vendor Landscape: Room Key Systems/Mobile Keyless Entry

• Vendor Landscape: Marketing Self Service Kiosk Systems

• Vendor Landscape: Digital Signage Systems

• Vendor Landscape: Surveillance Systems

• Vendor Landscape: Customer Experience/Communications Management Software

GHRC members have a strong voice in determining which Blueprints and Vendor Landscapes are developed next. Research will only be made available to members of the GHRC.

How Can the GHRC Help Me?

• Make purchasing decisions more quickly – Technologies specific to the Gaming & Hospitality industry will be evaluated using an industry-proven methodology. All features/functions are arranged in an easy to absorb, apples-to-apples format, making for straight forward comparisons. Cut out the lengthy RFP process and proceed directly to your short-list.

• Evaluate your current technology systems – Understanding how your existing systems compare to other similar solutions available in the industry is critical to determining competitive advantages and disadvantages. The GHRC research is designed to put this type of research at your fingertips.

• Trust the data – Our unbiased analysis is based on primary research with users, vendor and industry expert interviews, as well as a thorough review of public information.

• Spend wisely – This online service is much more cost effective than completing the work in-house or hiring third-party consultants. Become a member of the GHRC before you make your next technology purchase to validate your selection.

• Customize to your unique needs – Our dynamic evaluation tool allows you to change the weighting of the various criteria so you can quickly see the trade-offs you may need to consider. See immediately how changes to these weightings will change the standing of the vendors and products.

• Receive measurable results – Our step-by-step Blueprints will help you systematically improve your core processes and governance, and help you successfully implement all of your critical technology projects.

“Info-Tech continues to be a strategic extension of our organization.  Their GHRC solution – truly the only offering of its kind for this industry – is top notch and has allowed us to efficiently stay on point with all of the hottest topics in gaming & hospitality.  From their seasoned and industry-specific analysts to their proactive account management, their approach is personalized and the value-add extends well beyond the simple vendor comparisons and generic tech research that similar firms offer.”


“I have been in the Gaming & Hospitality industry for over 20 years and I know that my peers and I have been discussing the need for research specific to our industry and products for most of that time. This is long overdue. Also, as a current customer of Info-Tech’s core research service, my IT team and I have received excellent value and leveraged the service and research for multiple product selections, executive strategy presentations as well as having access to time saving professional templates and project plans.”


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