Meet Our CEO

Jeannie Caruso

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to love what you do, and I am fortunate to fall into this category. Working all of my adult life is this complex, exciting and niche industry of ours called ‘gaming and hospitality’ has been a fantastic ride. From my early days as a trusted adviser to the properties, I worked for them through the top firm in the world for attestation, law and consulting and later through my own boutique firm focusing on finance, operations and technology. I’ve even been honored performing work for the White House along this journey.

It was from these early days that I realized just how much our industry needed—this was at a time when Las Vegas and Atlantic City was ‘gaming’ and tribal was simply an emerging market. When I created Gaming & Leisure it was for one product only, the first management periodical for owners and operators in our industry. Gaming and Hospitality until that point had always been a subset of Travel, Transportation and Leisure; and that lacked in specificity for leaders to make solid decisions, view apples to apples information and look at their organization as a whole. Many years ago my friend Monika Nerger, Global CIO for Mandarin Oriental, stated that G&L had become the “defacto standard” in the industry. That was quite possibly one of the best compliments that I’d ever received.

Fast forward nearly 16 years later and Gaming & Leisure has become such a large organization that supports our industry in so many ways. All of our products and offerings allow business partners to reach their universe of potential through any medium they chose; allow our properties to stay updated on all aspects of their business be it granularly or high level; and most importantly richly connects industry influencers and thought leaders throughout the year. Case in point, the G&L Roundtable started as my board meeting and has now grown to the top private forum in our industry. I’m absolutely honored to host the annual industry awards each year as well.

As you can see, it’s been a great ride. But this is certainly not due to me at this stage in our growth. All that we are, all that we do and continue to do, is possible due to the commitment, passion and yes love of this industry that our Board, Business Partners, Roundtable Colleagues, Contributors and Readers share. This global G&L Community continues to enrich our industry and ourselves in all that they do and for them, I am ever so grateful.

Thank you for welcoming G&L into your lives each and every year and giving us the great privilege to serve you.

Jeannie Caruso Signature