Atrient Releases V3 The Next Generation Marketing Platform Is Now Available


October 8, 2018 – Detroit, MI – Atrient announced today it has released a new version of the award-winning suite, PowerKiosk. “It is the largest release to ever be introduced, we have rewritten our marketing platform from the ground up” said Sam Attisha, CEO of Atrient. “Over the last decade we have been exposed to operators of all sizes that have different needs and expectations. We worked closely with operational departments and the front line – staff members interacting with patrons on a daily basis – to understand how we can create solutions that continue to evolve with today’s, and tomorrow’s needs.” Attisha said.
Atrient has always identified as a technology company. Founded 20 years ago as a software development house, Atrient has focused on meeting the technical challenges of providing a flexible platform and met them. The goal is to let the business determine how they want to market. By creating a reverse shore development model, core development is done in Detroit, with testing and ancillary development being completed through global delivery centers. Atrient prides itself on building and delivering trusted stable software releases.
Among the vast set of features being released in V3, facial recognition will allow patrons to login to promotional devices without a card. For those who don’t want to use facial recognition, you can also login with your email or mobile number. Traditional magnetic striped and RFID cards will continue to be supported. “We have focused on developing solutions to solve problems,” Attisha said. V3 solves the real world issues operators have.
Atrient’s card printing kiosk has also expanded to leverage facial recognition that achieve a higher degree of security. The devices now compare the patron image captured at the kiosk with their driver’s license image. Now in its third generation, the card printing device is the industry’s only reliable solution.
PowerKiosk V3 eliminates the need for contracting with multiple vendors to conduct difficult and costly integrations. SMS, Gamification, and mobile applications can now all be deployed by Atrient using the PowerKiosk marketing engine. Omni Bus connectivity is still available for operators looking to use APIs to connect third parties to the PowerKiosk platform. Atrient’s game catalog continues to lead the industry with over 300 titles today, 100 new titles are being released with the entire catalog available in HTML5.
Other new feature releases include social gaming, multi-language, iPad integration and a completely new interface for configuration. Additionally, together with Everi, Atrient will be showcasing the ability to rebate ATM fees. Throughout the process Atrient kept it fun, to complement the release they created a sneak peek, visit remember to turn up the volume!
If you are wondering what’s next for Atrient: Artificial Intelligence.


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