GRA Mauritius discusses 2018 plans ahead of SBEA


12 March 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa / Port-Louis, Mauritius

With less than a month to go until the 4th Annual Sports Betting East Africa Summit commences, Jordan Crossley (Conference Producer, Eventus International) and Chhayan Ringadoo (CEO, GRA) discussed the latest gambling legislation in Mauritius, what the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Mauritius has planned for 2018 and how Mrs. Ringadoo hopes to add value to the 4th Annual Sports Betting East Africa Summit which will be held at the Kampala Serena Hotel from 10-11 April 2018

Chhayan Ringadoo


Gambling Regulatory Authority, Mauritius

The Gambling Regulatory Authority is a body corporate established in 2007 which now operates under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Authority is administered and managed by a Gambling Regulatory Board.

The main objectives of the Authority are to regulate and control gambling and gaming activities and ensures that gambling is conducted in a fair and transparent manner. The Gambling Regulatory is equally mandated to foster responsible gambling in the Republic of Mauritius.

As CEO of the Gambling Regulatory Authority, Chhayan oversees all projects and ensures that the mandate is followed to the letter. Mrs. Ringadoo has previously held the position of draws and compliance manager at Lottotech Mauritius for six years.


Jordan: Chhayan, how did you first get involved with the gambling sector?

Chhayan: In 2009 when I joined the National Lottery in Mauritius. The Lotto Game 6/40 was being introduced in Mauritius  and I was the draws and compliance manager. It was a fabulous experience where I enjoyed my 6 years which included a training Switzerland (Swiss Loto), creating the draw process for Mauritius, understanding the lottery business, working with the team for setting up the lotto draw in Madagascar and working with the regulators to ensure compliance and integrity of the game.

The passionate adventure continued when in 2016, I was recruited as the CEO of the Gambling Regulatory Authority in Mauritius. This expanded my horizons and in addition to dealing with the lottery, I am now also involved in Horse Racing, Fixed odds betting on local races and international sports (football and races), totalisator betting, casinos , slot machines, LPM  etc and moved from service provider to regulator.


Jordan: What advice would you give to gambling operators who are operating in Mauritius?

Chhayan: It’s important to ensure compliance and disclose whenever they are facing difficulties to comply. It’s important to work together. Moreover, as the regulator , we have the mandate to protect players and operators business’s as they are dependent on the players. Hence the more transparency and integrity in the game  the better it is for sustainable operations


Jordan: From your experience what are the most popular gambling activities Mauritius?

Chhayan: Lotto, Fixed odds betting on local races and international football and casino games


Jordan: What plans does the Gambling Regulatory Authority have for 2018?


  1. We are moving towards cashless betting (betting by card);
  2. Online betting for foreigners;
  3. Betting in hotels
  4. The creation of two specialised divisions within the Authority namely Horse Racing Division and the Integrity and Intelligence Division


Jordan: Have there been many changes to gambling legislation in Mauritius in the past few years? If so, how well were these changes received by the sector?

Chhayan: There have been a quite a few and we have compliance from operators. For instance Registration of slot machines/ staff, Personal management license


Jordan: What do you look forward to by being a part of the 4th Annual Sports Betting East Africa Summit?

Chhayan: I really forward to the sharing of knowledge and the networking. The exchange, the new regulations and best practices in the industry.


Chhayan looks forward to meeting you all in person at the 4th Annual Sports Betting East Africa Summit. See more information on the Sports Betting East Africa Summit and how you can register below.

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