G&L Overview

Gaming & Leisure Management Periodical

businessdivison-mgtperiodicalWith over 30k in readership since inception, Gaming & Leisure is still the exclusive and only management periodical seasonally serving owners and operators domestically and in over 90 countries in gaming, hospitality and leisure. Gaming & Leisure uniquely provides a 360° view of the entire industry each quarter with well researched editorial written by respected industry thought leaders, including case studies, methodologies, metrics, solutions, efficiencies and best practices worthy of executive level readerships valuable time.

G&L Roundtable

businessdivison-gl-roundtableThe G&L Roundtable is the top private forum in our industry with a unique peer to peer format. The forum hosts a vast majority of gaming and hospitality domestic spend and in addition, the most gaming CIOs in one private forum in North America. The property CXOs and select G&L Business Partners in attendance shape the landscape of innovation, technology and operations in our industry each year. The most important G&L Roundtable asset is the amazing leaders who attend, the time they dedicate, and the new terrain they carve for us all. The G&L Roundtable is always held the Sunday and Monday before G2E in Las Vegas.

G&L Monthly

businessdivison-glmonthlyG&L Monthly is a unique opportunity to find and share your commonality with the people important to you in the industry. Learning what you share in common with folks you want to connect with is the best entry point to a good conversation. That’s what G&L Monthly is all about – an ability to network richly by learning interests, hobbies and uniquities for a natural entry point to getting to know better the people you’d like to. And of course, you get monthly National Gaming Results, industry updates, key dates, talent search, and quick links to items important to you.

G&L Annual Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards

businessdivison-glawardsThese are the only awards in our industry that are no cost to enter, open globally and created and evaluated by the G&L Board and Roundtable colleagues. These judges are the top innovation leaders in our industry, they represent a vast majority of gaming and hospitality spend in North America and thus the awards are highly coveted and the most respected in the industry. Even if a company is not a recipient of an award, they receive tremendous value in having their offerings granularly reviewed and evaluated by the industry’s buying constituency for future consideration.

G&L Social

businessdivison-glsocialG&L Social distributes your content to thousands of targeted decision makers in the gaming and hospitality industry. G&L Social distributions are seen by senior management executives and provide you with confidence that your content is being seen by the most influential people in the industry.

The Gaming & Hospitality Research Center

businessdivison-ghrcThe GHRC, the vision of G&L Board members brought to fruition by Michael Day, has revolutionized the way the industry sources business partners. The GHRC employs unbiased, tier 1 evaluation methodology allowing users to access vendor landscapes by category and incorporates the users weighting for each requirement to identify the business partners that most closely match the users needs. Companies who use the GHRC save valuable time and money on their sourcing decisions every year with ease.

My Gaming & Leisure Website

businessdivison-websiteThe central hub for the G&L Community. Serving as the gateway for:

  • Industry Segmented News
  • Statistics and Research Library
  • Calendar of Events
  • Employment Dashboard
  • Gaming & Hospitality Research Center (GHRC) Access
  • TribalNet
  • Gaming & Leisure Editorial
  • G&L Business Partner Profiles
  • G&L Board Profiles
  • G&L Roundtable
  • G&L Gaming & Hospitality Award Series
  • Subscribe to Gaming & Leisure and G&L Monthly


businessdivison-tribalnetFor nearly two decades, TribalNet is the Native American tradeshow that serves both the gaming and federal needs and interests of the tribal communities in North America. Property technology professionals benefit by a tradeshow that understands the scope of their position needs and enjoy the networking along the way each year.